What is Dragonspire?

Dragonspire is an online multiplayer action game with roguelike features set in the anime world of Asteria! Choose your favorite character and venture out to battle foes, challenge epic dragons, draft builds in real-time, discover and raise pets, complete seasonal challenges, unlock new characters, and so much more. With limitless replayability, our hope is to set a new standard for multiplayer games in the action roguelike genre.

Did you say Dragonspire supports multiplayer?

Yes! We designed Dragonspire from the ground up to be multiplayer-enabled across all content. This means you can play alone or with friends, and regardless of choice the gameplay experience will be similar (e.g, not a separate game mode).

When will Dragonspire release?

We hope to release the game in late-2023, but that will depend on how development is going during Early Access.

What does Early Access mean for Dragonspire?

Since Dragonspire is our first game, we want to make sure we’re on the right track. Early Access will involve an extended period of game development alongside the community, where we test new features and gather feedback from players to make sure Dragonspire is as awesome as it can be.

While in Early Access, you will be able to buy and play a work-in-progress version of Dragonspire, as well as optionally contribute to the game’s ongoing development. Each voice will be crucial in helping us to make informed choices about where to focus our time and resources. Once the game is far enough along, we will announce a release date, reset progress from Early Access, and compensate everyone for participating.


What platforms will Dragonspire be available on?

We are planning to release on PC and mobile. Early Access will only be on PC. While we would love to release Dragonspire on consoles (it plays great with a controller), our team is small and we don’t have capacity to manage console certification for a liveops game.

In what region will Dragonspire provide services?

Our goal is to present our game and provide services to players all over the world. We are actively considering and evaluating the release path for Dragonspire. We will update everyone on our progress through our website and social media, so be sure to follow us there!

Who created the art for Dragonspire?

We did, and there’s lots more where that came from! Dragonspire is an original IP of our own creation, and we can’t wait to share more about the world of Asteria with you. For now, you may want to follow our most active social media accounts:



How long has Dragonspire been in development?

We began developing the Dragonspire IP during COVID lockdown in 2020, with work on the game starting the following year.

Will Dragonspire be free-to-play or a paid game?

We are still considering the best model for Dragonspire. Because of the ongoing costs for client-server multiplayer, we will most likely release as free-to-play. However, there are several development choices we need to evaluate first during Early Access before we can even start to look at how to financially support the team and game.

Will Dragonspire have NFTs or web3 integration?

No. We are always researching new technologies (for example, Dragonspire uses Unreal Engine 5) and considered using Solana at one point, but there are no plans to integrate with web3, blockchain, or NFTs at this time.

Where can I learn more about Dragonspire?

Please visit our Steam page, where you can Wishlist the game right now. You can also join our official Discord and follow Dragonspire on social media using the buttons below. Thank you for supporting Dragonspire and the Starmi team. Creating games is hard, but we are determined to deliver on this vision together!